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What is needed to launch an iGaming site in regulated markets?

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The platform is the foundation of your site and the glue that bonds everything together. You want a platform that provides a solid yet flexible foundation that covers the ever-changing needs of the site you intend to build. The main things to look for are:
  • Experience: You are going to build all of your game operations on top of this platform so you want it to be tried, tested and audited over a number of years. Years in successful operation are so important when choosing a platform provider. The experience the supplier has operating in different regulated markets is also very important as the platform typically handles a lot of the regulatory requirements set by gaming commissions.
  • Flexibility & integrations: Do you want to offer the best gaming content? No one game developer makes all the best content, so you will need a platform that allows you to pick the games you want regardless of who makes them. Focus on a truly open gaming platform where you can pick and choose best of breed game content and service providers.
  • Be in total control: You want to find a partner who recognizes that you should be in control of the content you offer to YOUR players.

Player Account

The Player Account is the heart of the platform - as it stores player profiles, handles registrations, account changes, loading and withdrawals from the wallet, transaction histories, and responsible gaming features. Having one single Player Account that handles all content, regardless of the provider, is something that guarantees player convenience and satisfaction.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Offering best of breed content from different vendors can only be successful if the player’s log in process is functional and with a Single Sign On (SSO). The SSO means that players only have to log in once to enjoy all their favorite games, whether these are sports, poker, bingo, or casino games, etc.


The wallet is the piece of software that keeps track of a player’s electronic funds and allows money transfers in and out of your site. Like with Single Sign On above, it is important that you offer your players a single wallet. It is not a good user experience to have to constantly shift funds between sub-wallets depending on which game they want to play.

Control Center - Back office

This is the piece of software that lets you monitor and manage your gaming site. Your call center will also use the back office to assist players with issues. The back office allows operators to administer the solution in a single place. It monitors the solution, manages games, subscriptions, player accounts, and tracks transactions. This includes numerous functions in one administrative and reporting portal being the back office of the operator’s site and a key to easily manage the system.

Business Intelligence

In today’s competitive gaming market player information is a major asset. Monitoring your players’ behavior on the gaming site is essential to understanding what their needs are and what they are attracted to. “Know your players” is a powerful tool for executives of the modern operator, enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time for their business. Information on sales, player demographics, what games are being played, and other relevant information in combination with the right marketing features and services can give the operator the ability to react fast towards their player’s needs and to the competition with the aim of acquiring new players and increasing player retention.

Promotions & Bonuses

Included here are promotions, bonuses, affiliate solutions, e-mail marketing solutions, campaign management systems, and other marketing-related functionality. Essentially as a first step, you want to ensure that you have a way to complete all of these functions as the marketing features are essential for your ability to attract more players and your ability to gain more revenues from your current and future player base.

Regulatory Vault

This component has many names and is sometimes provided by the gaming commission and sometimes it is a requirement that the operators must have a solution for themselves. In simplistic terms, it’s essentially a black box through which you must send your transactions and player data so that the gaming commission has a copy of your records that cannot be altered. There is very little leeway in how this is implemented if you need it to comply with regulations, so simply ensure your supplier is willing to confirm that its solution fulfills the requirements set forth in the regulations that govern your license.

Supported Sales Channels

The players are everywhere. Your demand as a modern operator should be for solutions that work across the spectrum: at the local betting shop or retail outlet (terminals), at work (the desktop), on the sofa (the tablet) or on the go (the mobile).

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